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About C Street Brass

Playing the Trumpet



C Street Brass began in 2008 as a small project between five friends who are  coincidentally the most handsome men ever to grace the earth. Equally as comfortable in the sound world of baroque music as they are in broadway, C Street Brass’ mission is to connect lovers of the arts from all walks of life around a highly energetic and engaging concert experience. 

C Street Brass was Ensemble in Residence at Carnegie Mellon University from 2012-2015 During this time the group fell in love with the thriving music scene of  Pittsburgh, PA where the group is now based. C Street has been featured on a variety of performing arts series around the country including: Corpus Christi Chamber Music Series, Chamber Music Pittsburgh, and Strings Music Festival where they were Artists in Residence from 2013-2018. Internationally, C Street Brass has toured in Tbilisi, Georgia as resident ensemble of the 2012 Traveling Notes Music Festival and in Doha, Qatar in 2014 as ambassadors for Carnegie Mellon University.


C Street Brass is passionately committed to educating and inspiring the next  generation of musicians and most recently led a masterclass at the Juilliard School for the brass chamber music seminar (2022). The group has produced extended educational residencies focusing chamber music, entrepreneurship, and wellness, at San Francisco State University and University of South Carolina. C Street Brass has also held short residencies at: Peabody Conservatory, Mercyhurst College, Emory and Henry College, and George  Washington University.  

In 2014, members of C Street Brass developed Beauty Slap, an entirely new band concept combining the sound of classically trained brass with modern electronic dance music. The result was the creation of an entirely new genre, thunder funk. Beauty Slap has performed and toured extensively across the United States. Often, C Street Brass and Beauty Slap share dual residencies to offer contrasting and complementary perspectives on the current state of entrepreneurship and the business of music.

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